Hanalei is arriving next Saturday!

We got an e-mail from our breeder saying that we can pick up our little girl next weekend! We are so excited. THOR can barely contain himself :)

She's the one on the left. She is a DOLL. As Stacy always says about THOR: "You must have gone to a Build-a-Bear and made him!"

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Dena B. said...

Girl, I know exactly how you feel. My Dottie can just look at me and I melt into a million pieces. Or she can come and sit pretty (on her rear) and just tilt her head and get what ever she wants out of me. The best is at night when she sneaks into our room climbs up on the bed then gets between Ryan and I and sleeps jut like a human. LOVE IT! No joke she will sleep on her back, with the covers under her little paws - ADORABLE is all I can say. I promise it only gets better. They are great substitute kids aren't they? I love mine - OH Yeah Thor is great too!