I just can't figure out his appeal...

Besides his sheer inexperience, his plans to raise taxes have been among the most infuriating prospects I've encountered.

I really wish I knew what people liked about him besides his "charisma" and the fact that it would be a historical event to vote into office the first black president. Big freaking deal. The only people who make race any issue at all are the people who bring it up in the first place.

I would think that if anyone took the time to research what he actually means by "change" and how it would affect their everyday lives, as well as his political experience, no one would be voting for this guy.


ktjane said...

did "sheer inexperience" stop you from voting for w, a state governor of 5 years? i believe his career was in oil and baseball prior to this, was it not?

Emerson said...

A state governor is a job comprising administrative and managerial responsibilities very similar to that of president,and as such, is exremely good experience for a contender. Business experience such as President Bush had is also very important so that simpleton decisions such as Mr. NObama makes do not become part of our heritage. Folks with such ideas would be ideally at home in such places as Communist Russia and China, for example, or perhaps Venezuela. They do not belong in a free society in any event. I suppose given the current state of misinformation in eduucation, not many younger people have been exposed to the father of Communism, Karl Marx, and his ridiculous and pathetic failed ideas. (Note how many people are attempting to enter into such coutries illegally for proof of their "sucess"). If so, there would not be much support at all for nearly all of the Dimocrap former candidates or office holders.

The video is "right-on" in my humble opinion.... NObama's election would be a complete disaster for our wonderful country. Simply listening to any of his non-scripted remarks should turn off any person with an IQ above 1.

Michelle said...

Picking up on what ktjane said-- If Im not mistaken (which I might be since I dont follow US politics as closely as some since moving out of the US)Bush also drove the oil companies under his control, which were essentially gifts from his father into bankruptcy. How does one bankrupt an oil company, after all is it not often referred to as 'black gold' comparing its ever increasing value to the gold standard, the backbone of the US economy? It boggles the mind, truly it does.