Friday's Find: Week 1

Every Friday, stay tuned for my newest fave product/latest obsession, be it a beauty item, handy household must-have, outrageous page-turner or current music craze.

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Partur Review: I must share this first find with the ladies- the most delicious summer scent my nostrils have ever encountered. No joke. I discovered it a few years ago at Becker Surf in Orange County and wasn't able to find it again until our honeymoon in Kaua'i. Even Cody, when he smelled it, understood my immediate need to jump up and down excitedly while screaming at the top of my lungs, "DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS STUFF?!" in the middle of Island Soap & Candle Works. Normally I just get a strange look and a shake of the head before he walks away pretending he doesn't know that crazy woman. Now whenever I wear it, he says, "Mmmm... Hawai'i." That's the power of scent at work, people.

A few years ago it didn't even exist online, but lo and behold, it is now accessible to the masses and here I am to share it with you so that we can all smell like gardenia-coconut-mango-beachy goodness, all the time. If we all wear it at once, it just might bring all fundamentalist religious conflicts to a final, jubilee-type end and usher in the world peace* we have been waiting for.

*Will not actually dissolve conflict or bring in world peace. But it was a nice thought.

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