Why I love our home... and why I would miss it if we left.

This view is precisely why we couldn't pass up the opportunity to live in this exact apartment. My last lease wasn't up yet so I paid double rent for a month and a half so we could secure it. That and I couldn't get out of the craphole otherwise known as Arcadia del Sol fast enough. (If you're reading this, don't EVER, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, rent from there. EVER.)

...And this picture shows why it was worth every penny. 

Although I must say that some strange things have happened involving the street running along the front of the complex, like the time when we had just gone to bed and we hear this thing go by that sounded like it couldn't have been anything other than an actual Lear jet on a rather odd emergency landing runway, or perhaps a heat-seeking missle run amok. We still sit around trying to come up with ideas on what it could have been, ranging from a rocket drag racer to Godzilla ripping ass to the Starship Enterprise. Take your pick, it could have been any of the above. It was so loud that it woke Cody up from a dead sleep for the third time in his entire life, and was gone before we could reach two feet over to open the blinds to gawk confusedly at "What-The-Crap-Was-THAT."

And, lest we forget, the Scottsdale Senior Center across the street adds a PLETHORA of excitement to the neighborhood as well. 

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