Current Obsession: Macy's European Coffeehouse

This past weekend on our latest girl's trip to Flagstaff, we visited Macy's on Beaver Street. After a glowing recommendation from Joe of Joe's Real BBQ/Joe's Farm Grill/Liberty Market fame, I finally got around to trying the world-traveling coffee connoisseur's favorite stateside coffee shop. I must say, it exceeded my expectations! If you ever find yourself in Flagstaff, don't miss Macy's. Not only is the cappuccino top-notch, the food is pretty tasty too. I had the granola with yogurt and fresh strawberries and bananas, a half order of the vegetarian biscuits and gravy, and a Cappuccino Royale, served in a giant cup with the most perfect milk foam I have ever seen. As a fellow barista, I have to admit that it may be a while before I master the art of milk foam the way the experts at Macy's have!

We also saw our favorite band ever, Stampead. It would be a crime to write a blog about Flagstaff and not give props to their amazing music. However, nothing I could ever write would do justice to Katie's description of our latest Stampead experience. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

New craft room!

We moved in about three weeks ago and I immediately set to work on the craft/guest room. I am super excited to put it to use! All I need now is the sewing machine my dear grandmother has bequeathed to me to put on the table-formerly-known-as-the-dining-room-table. I am in desperate need of some wall art or shelves, but for now I think it's off to a good start:

Also, here is our bedroom setup:

On another note, I am SO stoked to visit Knit Happens in Scottsdale. My mom made me pinky swear not to go without her, which shouldn't be too hard since it's right down the street from Mom and Dad's! I'll be dropping off the fur-kids and going yarn crazy with the madre in no time.