New craft room!

We moved in about three weeks ago and I immediately set to work on the craft/guest room. I am super excited to put it to use! All I need now is the sewing machine my dear grandmother has bequeathed to me to put on the table-formerly-known-as-the-dining-room-table. I am in desperate need of some wall art or shelves, but for now I think it's off to a good start:

Also, here is our bedroom setup:

On another note, I am SO stoked to visit Knit Happens in Scottsdale. My mom made me pinky swear not to go without her, which shouldn't be too hard since it's right down the street from Mom and Dad's! I'll be dropping off the fur-kids and going yarn crazy with the madre in no time.

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Trish said...

k so those two room are ADORABLE! and once i get more settled in up here and find some kind of a store that sells paint and canvas/ can afford it...i should make you some wall art :D