No, I'm not referring to a post about my current political opinions, although you won't have to wait too long for that one. So you can sit back from the edge of your seat now. Haha. I'm talking about pictures of our new baby girl! Along with a picture of her former home (the White Mountains) and a rainbow of God's promise for good measure. She has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen, next to THOR, of course. I thought my mom was just going to drop dead the moment she saw Hanalei, the cuteness is that overwhelming. Currently she's sitting in my lap, looking up at me and panting after a nap because it is SO HOT in this room right now. I have wanted to capture her on film so many different times but my memory will have to suffice to capture those moments for now.

The best is when she is sitting down and tucks in her little butt, and cocks her head at me with her ears all perked up, so I tilt my head in one direction, then the other, and she mirrors me... SO CUTE. Or when she jumps around and spins in the air whimpering because she knows that I am fixing her food in her princess dish (yes, she has a princess dish) and this is so exciting because food is THE BEST THING EVER. Or when she pounces on THOR and he puts the smack down when she tries to nab one of his squirrels. Or when she is so tired that you can pick her up and carry her around and she will stay asleep through anything because she is that determined to sleep. Or watching how brave she is because she actually jumps off the couch which would be like me jumping off a roof, or climbing down the stairs all by herself at a whole seven weeks old. Or maybe the time when she charged under THOR at top speed right as he lifted his leg to do his business on his favorite bush and peed all over her. Or when she accidentally stepped in THOR's dog log and lifted her paw, looking at it in absolute horror after catching a whiff, clearly wondering what she was supposed to do now that her paw was covered in gnarly feces.

She is SUCH a girl. The princess dish fits.

GAAAAAAAAAH! I can hardly stand it.

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Stacy said...

Oh my gosh, TOO CUTE!

That look that Hanalei gives you when she cocks her head to the side is the same look I get from liberals when they find out I am one of "the others," so get back to that brilliant conservative banter of yours. :)