THOR on the beach.

I was so glad that we went to California before Memorial Day, the cutoff before the beach police kick you out if you bring your canine companion along. If you have seen THOR in public, it is needless to say that he was terrified the entire time we were at Laguna, but there was also probably a tiny part of him that loved it too, because he got to meet a lot of new people. That is more or less the highlight of his entire existence.

His Auntie Amber took him out to the waves and kicked around in the sand a bit. It would have been fun if we had picked him up and held him above the water so he could doggie paddle in the air. That's pretty much the best thing ever.

On his way back from a totally unexpected, unwanted, and no doubt traumatizing dip in the ocean.

Giving Auntie Amber kisses.

This was taken as he chaotically tried to run away from the wave, but because he was on a leash, he just ended up running in a circle straight into the water. Mom and Dad got a good laugh.

"I hate you both."

Notice the pulling away from the water. THOR no likey.

Amber calls this our "US Mag Body Language" shot. The experts would say we don't like each other AT ALL and our relationship is doomed.

This is his safe place. Between Mom and Dad. He's the sweetest :)

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