The O.C.

The Codeman and I took THOR on a little trip to San Clemente to stay with our dear friends, Nate and Adria, and their one-year-old, Jude, i.e. THE-CUTEST-BABY-ON-THE-PLANET. We left on Friday afternoon and made the drive complete with a terrified dog curled up in my lap, eyes darting around, wild and alert, every time we passed a big rig. He is inexplicably terrified of those things.

Anyway, the weekend in pictures:

Taken at the Montage at Laguna Beach.

Family portrait.

Amber and me and our Asian dog.

THOR's first time seeing the ocean!

Apparently it was a little bright out for him. Someone needs some Doggles!

We were at a poverty party. I wish there were pictures of this apartment, because it was amazingly cute.

This is THE-CUTEST-BABY-ON-THE-PLANET... and THOR. They're tight like that.

"If you're nice I might give you this bone."

The gang.

I wish I had this view out of my house! They're so blessed.

Baby THOR wasn't feeling so hot on the long drive home.

Pretty sure that poor Little Man had a fever- he was like a fireball when I held him in my lap!

...Of course, the second we got home, he started running around in typical dog-on-crack style. Back to his old self in no time. 

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ktjane said...

can i request a post on this poverty party you speak of? shanks!