Romney Steps Down, and other tangents.

Today was a sad day in the world of fundamental conservatism: Mitt Romney stepped down as Republican presidential candidate.

Favorite quote: (regarding big government) "Dependency is death to initiative, risk-taking and opportunity. Dependency is culture-killing. It's like a drug. And we have to fight it like the poison that it is." and "Can you imagine what would happen with the economy when the best opportunities are for bureaucrats?" (LOL.)

On a relatively unrelated note: Although I was a Romney supporter politically, I find it strangely ironic that he sought to lead this country with a solid base on its founding principles (that's the conserv- of conservatism, for anyone who was wondering) when he is a member of a religion whose principles evolve according to whatever the current church president's "revelations" happen to be, i.e. previous revelations become null and void if the current president's contradict them. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can assure you there is plenty of evidence to back that up (check this out for example). Nevertheless, like I love my liberal friends, I am not a Mormon-hater, I don't think they're bad people, etc. etc. I just disagree with their views on Christ's role in mankind's salvation, among other things.

OK, I'm waaaay off on a tangent here. Given that the conservative movement is no doubt up in arms at the loss of our prize candidate, here is an article I found on the National Review that I found interesting. While McCain rubs a lot of us the wrong way on many issues (my biggest problem with him being his views on illegal immigration, and believe me, you DON'T want to get me fired up about that one), for conservatives to say that it "doesn't matter now if a Democrat wins" would be a terrible fallacy. Many are convinced that he is a Democrat in a Republican's nicely-pressed suit- and only time will tell on that one- but there are still a multitude of issues that he backs the same way the rest of the Republican party does.

I intend to be careful in my judgment of this front-runner of our party. No candidate will EVER be perfect, because no MAN is perfect. McCain gets crucified for his civil, and even friendly, relationships with democrats and liberals because they are "they" and we are "us." Since when did it become right to hate other people who disagree with your beliefs? If you truly think you should write someone off because they don't see things your way, then a. you won't be left with many friends, and b. that goes entirely against the Christian faith the conservative movement fights so hard to preserve in our culture of free religion. If we should be fighting against anything, it's hypocrisy. It will be interesting to explore that further as this blog goes on.

I agree with what Laura Ingraham said on her show this morning- that McCain is fully aware of where the conservative movement stands regarding his candidacy, and it should be his responsibility to build bridges to us, instead of expecting an ENTIRE movement of people to change for him (everyone was PISSED because he delivered a speech wherein he told everyone to "calm down."). Just remember that it is hard enough to really get to know the heart of someone close to you. Don't think it's any easier to truly know the heart of a public figure who is scrutinized in every manner possible in every existing media outlet every day of the week.

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