For the curious nerd in all of us.

Being the biggest book nerds either of us know, Cody and I have decided to start frequenting the library now that we are working to become debt-free. Frequent trips to the bookstore and the impulsive purchases that result from them will be a thing of the past, with the exception that the library tends to close much earlier than the bookstore, in which case you may find us in a Borders or B&N from time to time.

Anyway, I went on the Scottsdale Public Library Web site to find out what their hours were- and found a plethora of nerdy resources that just made my day. Hands down, the coolest part of their site was the Opposing Viewpoints link under the research tab, perfect for someone who's trying to decipher where he stands on the major issues of the day. You have to sign up to be a member, but what an awesome resource! I personally don't want to start arguing for or against something until I have at least a minor grasp on the other side's view. Check it out here.

Speaking of books, we will be selling a bunch of ours, among other things. If you have seen our office, you would know that we have quite the impressive library of our own. Stay tuned for a list of titles, prices and links to the publisher's or descriptions.

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